San Francisco Bachata Festival, 2012 PDO

(Premiered July 21,2012) “P.D.O.” receives a standing “O” upon closing Saturday evenings show at the 2012 San Francisco Bachata Festival! Another display of musicality, originality and showmanship by the leaders of showcase Bachata! You can always count on us to bring that Urban Bachata and Crazy Merengue to the stage in full force!

Cast: Ted Trujillo/Debbie Wang, Rick Fernandez/Elana Altmann, Joel Hernandez/Hannah Savin, Raymond Diaz/Theresa Mendoza, Bryan Mesinas/Jessica Frias-Mena, Jose Puentes/Bianney Inzunza, Shahram Fayaz/Taylor Diaz.

Choreography by Alejandro Rey
Ladies Styling by Jessica Trujillo.

Paso de Oro, the true definition of TEAM…..

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