Dominican Touch Bachata – Antony Santos: El Tiguere & Jorjet

El Tiguere and Jorjet team up to teach Dominican Touch Bachata, which is a Dominican Style Bachata with an Island Touch flare.

El Tiguere is taking the Dominican Style Bachata world by storm with his blend of traditional Dominican Bachata footwork and world renown Touch Bachata partnerwork inspired by Ataca Jorgie and La Alemana.

Jorjet is the Queen of Dominican Style Bachata with mesmerizing footwork and elegance and world renown along with her dance partner Troy Anthony.

Together El Tiguere and Jorjet were an amazing Dominican Style force and rocked the DC Bachata Congress with a workshop not soon to be forgotten.

We hope to see these two partner up again in the future…stay tuned.

Song Used: Adonde Estara Antony Santos

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